Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Study of Petrology and Geochemistry Granite of the Dizdar    M.Sc.    raoofhajarzarin, samira    2017-12-19
2    Mineralogy and petrology of Geysur-e-Gonabad volcanic rocks with special view to their Industrial potential.    M.Sc.    raoofhajarzarin, samira    2016-11-08
3    Geology, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Industrial Application of Esfezar Bentonite Diposit, Eastern Birjand    M.Sc.    shoja yami, gholamreza    2016-06-13
4    Mineralogy, Geology, Geochemistry, GIS, and Industrial applications of Esfaraein-Jajarm Bauxite-laterite zone    M.Sc.    hooshmand, hossein    2015-12-14
5    Geology, Petrography, Alteration, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Manganese Mineralization Genesis of Estaj (South west of Sabzevar)    M.Sc.    Shojaei Zadeh Aghdam, Shirin    2015-10-10
6    Determination of Heavy Elements and Environmental Pollution in the Area of Dardvey Iron Mine    M.Sc.    sanjari, maryam    2015-10-07
7    Geology,petrology, geochemistry and petrogenesis investigations of rock Masses of Sarcheshmeh copper deposit with special attitude to their Exploration strategy    M.Sc.    yavarzadeh, laleh    2015-10-05
8    Geology , Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Study of Industrial Applications of Shirmaghz – e – Geysur Bentonite Deposite , Qaen County, South Khorasan Province    M.Sc.    Mojoodi Firooz Abadi, Danial    2015-10-04
9    Mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology and remote sensing studies of Abdullah Givi Area(between Ghoochan and Neyshabour)    M.Sc.    norian, sakineh    2014-10-05
10    Geology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Geophysics and Genesis Studies of Cheshmeh Sefid Manganese Mine Deposit (S-W Sabzevar)    M.Sc.    keshmiri, hossein    2014-09-28
11    Geology, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Chakaneh area, south of Ghuchan, Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    mostakmeli, mojtaba    2014-09-27
12    Mineralogy, Geochemistry,Alteration, Processing of Satellite Data, Mineral Processing and Industral Applications Of Zakery Manganese deposit.(Southwest of Sabzevar)    M.Sc.    ghomeshi, sara    2014-08-23
13    The Geochemistry, Petrology and Mineralogy studies of Igneous Masses of Solh Abad - Bagestan Area.    M.Sc.    sakhdari, mina    2013-10-16
14    Study of geology, geochemistry and gold mineralization in the area Shelgrd (south of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    garmabi, nazanin    2013-09-17
15    Removal of Pollutant of Natural Water by MgO    M.Sc.    fanaee, massommeh    2013-09-17
16    Mineralization, geochemistry, microthermometry and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks in Simorgh prospecting, Southwest Nehbandan, South Khorasan province    Ph.D    Borabadi, Reza    2013-05-10
17    Feasibility studies on the cadmium removal from water by using Magnesia as adsorbent    M.Sc.    khoshkhu, Samira    2013-01-23
18    Geology, mineralization, alteration and geochemistry, studies and subufice study of Safi-Abad area east sortheast of Esfarayen , Khoràsàn Somali province    M.Sc.    Nooriyan, Somayyeh    2012-09-29
19    Petrology and Geochemistry of north west Gonabad Volcanic rocks (Bagh asia kaolin area    M.Sc.    salari mandi, mahdi    2012-09-17
20    Geochimestry , mineralogy and industrial applications of Red Mud    M.Sc.    keramati, anis    2012-09-17
21    Petrology and geochemical investigations of Shahvar volcanic rocks and their application in cement industry).    M.Sc.    ghorbanpour, ali    2012-09-17
22    Petrology and geochemical investigations of Saagh volcanic rocks and their application in cement industry).    M.Sc.    Hatefi, Jalil    2012-09-17
23    Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Structural pattern and Industrial applications of Kuh Sefid flourite deposit prospect area,(Northwest Torbat Jam, Khorassan Razavi province).    M.Sc.    Pazhakhzade, leila    2012-09-17
24    Mineralization, geochemistry, microthermometry and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks in North Khur mineralization, South Khorasan province    Ph.D    javidi, maryam    2012-06-27
25    The Identification and elemination of contaminants in sewage of Toroq twon    M.Sc.    heshmate, effat    2011-09-21
26    An investigation of environmental contaminations and feasibility of contaminants elemination in landfill of Quchan    M.Sc.    ghayour salanghoch, zakieh    2011-09-21
27    Geology, mineralogy, geochemistry and Industrial applications of clay mineral deposits of Cheshmeh Khori, North West of Birjand    M.Sc.    YAHOSSEINI POUR, AINAZ    2011-07-12
28    Geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, alteration and remote sensing investigation of Cheshmeh Khori, Birjand    M.Sc.    mirbalooch, abdolvahed    2011-07-12
29    Mineralogy, geochemystry and geophysical (magnetomery)investigations related to anomaly no.23 of Saghand iron ore deposit    M.Sc.    Gholamipour, Amir    2011-07-09
30    Mineralization, Petrognesis, Geochemical-Geophysical exploration in Uchplag- Sarsefidal region, East of Kashmar.    Ph.D    Almasi, Alireza    2011-06-28
31    : mineralization, geochemistry,petro genesis of igneous rocks in NW Gonabad    Ph.D    zirjanizadeh, sedigheh    2011-06-28
32    Petrology_Geochemistery of Shileh Goshad ophiolits (North Estearn Assad Abad,Torbat heydarieh)and its mineral deposits potential    M.Sc.    ghasemi, asghar    2010-09-26
33    Geology- Geochemistery and genesis of iron ore deposite Ferezneh Taybad    M.Sc.    sayyahi, ashraf    2010-09-20
34    Petrology and Geochemistery of Jajarm Bauxite deposit and its industerial application    M.Sc.    eghbali, hadi    2010-09-20
35    Petrology and Geochemistery of Darein perlite deposite Region and its industerial applications    M.Sc.    kalmishi, maryam    2010-09-20
36    Minerallogy & geochemical investigation of kuhi chromit ( robat sefid _ torbat heidarieh) and its indMinerallogy & geochemical investigation of kuhi chromit ( robat sefid _ torbat heidarieh) and its industerial aplicationusterial application    M.Sc.    mohammadzade, zeinab    2010-09-18
37    Geology_Geochemistey and Mineraogy of Baharestan Kaolin deposite and its industerial applications.    M.Sc.    davand, fatemeh    2010-09-13
38    \\\\\\\Petrology and Geochemistry of volcanic rocks of kameh area (S.E.Bajestan) with special view to its Perlite deposits    M.Sc.    ahmadzadeh, mahdi    2010-08-01